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Protect your jewelry with @reyesjoyeria.puq

To extend the life of your jewelry, it will always be necessary to maintain certain care with them. We always listen/read tips, but today we tell you our secrets from more than 20 years of experience in the field : avoid, clean and periodic maintenance.

Avoid chemical products (perfumes, creams, chlorine, abrasive products, thermal salts, etc.) as they can cause visible changes in the color of the metal.

Clean regularly. There are different methods. We recommend soaking in lukewarm water (never on fire) with a mild detergent and then carefully brushing with a disused brush. Go through clean and cold water, finally dry very well. For a more intense shine add the use of a polishing cloth.

Maintenance and periodic review. From time to time or every time you see your jewelry sulfurized (dark, oxidized) it is recommended to have a deep polishing and review with experts to avoid future irreversible damage to the piece.

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